The Need to Evolve : Smartphones

E-commerce and Smartphones

Talking about phones and their use is common subject nowadays. Today I want to introduce you to a different perspective : the Mobility User Experience. In the last few years, the number of Internet users grew considerably and created a whole new market for companies: the Ecommerce. It is however since 2003, with the implementation of broadband services that cybercsutomers started to actually be confident with buying online. Now, every successful company in the world must have its website, and more and more are investing in deploying it for phones and tablets to make the customer experience more complete, easier and more adapted to his lifestyle.

With the evolution of this new commercial era, the consumers’ expectations changed. People now expect to be able to do anything from their mobile or tablet in the most comfortable and quickest way possible. Phones are even called the «extension of the hand », and companies understood that being only online is not enough anymore. For this reason, more and more companies are investing in multi-devices websites. It consists in having an adapted presence on every support with a visual coherence between each one, in order to make the consumer’s experience more enjoyable visually and accessible anywhere they wish. It is called the responsive design.

Ipad apple devices

Let’s take an easy example, why did Apple become so successful? Yes, because of its innovative products and its design, but one feature made the difference: every support is connected to one another through iCloud: the phone, laptop, computer, tablet and more gadgets… This is exactly what people were looking for and it is the same for brands’ websites, they need to be available on different supports, but keep the same identity and visuals: an app will usually not have the exact same features as the website but must keep the same visual identity. The user must recognize the brand image in every plateform he will use in order to assimilate it to his every day life.

Two choices come to a company when they want to go from a website to a phone or a tablet. They can either create an application, or an adapted website to phones and tablets. Those two possibilities have their own positive and negative points: an app is expensive and takes a long time to put into place due to the fact that it will be a whole new platform, and an adapted website might have a less big impact as people are more and more looking for apps that they can just open when they need. However, an adapted website allows to control better the user experience.

Why is having a responsive design important?

– It allows a nice customer experience (nice for the eyes, no bug, adapted size of images…)

– It boosts the brand image

– It allows to reach effectively a wider audience

All this will result in a potential increase in sales and brand value. Phones, tablets, laptops, computers.. One has the choice today when it comes to pick a digital companion. As usual companies have to go with the flow and learn to adapt themselves to people’s behaviors.



Make better products for a better world

Nike, one of the most recognized brand of the world has recently created an app, that is completely different to what we could have expected. Named « Making » and referring to the process of making clothes, this app has for vocation to help designers choose the materials they use depending on the materials ecological impact. This surprising move from the giant does not target the customers, even though we assume that they will be getting some publicity out of it.

The app only consists in the « Nike material sustainability index ». It is basically what you see on the picture, an index that takes into account recycling, the amount of water needed during the production and so on, and who’s goal is to educate designers by allowing them to make informed and real time decisions about the environmental impact of what they choose. The simplicity of the app makes it
easy to use, practical and very modern.


“Designers are the start of everything and if we can educate the designer to make better choices then they can become agents of change for the entire industry,” says Hannah Jones, vice-president of sustainable business and innovation at Nike.


Even though the app is still quite limited in its scope, it does show that Nike is trying to influence conscientiously the market, even though we cannot say that they are the most environmental friendly brand.


Analysis of the App Market – BlaBlaCar

Must-have in trip organization, BlaBlaCar app is now available for iOS and Androïd. You can find or post a ride even faster from your mobile phone!

On the app, BlaBlaCar has kept the idea of searching for a trip and booking online. You have a profil, in which you enter your personal informations. You can then offer a trip or search for a trip. You can also give your opinion on a particular driver, connect with your Facebook account, receive notifications, etc.

In term of Mobility User Experience, we have almost never seen as good as BlaBlaCar app: this app is clear and graphic, you can easily find what you are looking for. When you connect the app, you can choose between three categories: « Search for a trip – My trips – Offer a trip ». It is simple and clear for the user.

To search for a trip, you enter your departure and your destination cities, as well as your travel date and choose among drivers who offers trips that suit you. If you need any information on a journey, you can send a message to the driver.

You can book your place online and receive a booking code. You driver is alerted immediately of your reservation by email and SMS. You can then call the driver to adjust the final details of the trip in person.

In you are a driver, you offer your trip with the same informations (cities of departure and destination, date and hour, number of seats).

Graphic, clear and precise, BlaBlaCar has become a real must-have for every person who wants to organize easily her trips!

E-business, the future of small companies

In recent years, commerce on the Internet has grown considerably, and now, two options come to the businesses: stick to the old business model, or make the step and join the move of e-business. Keeping an old business model might seem a lot easier and cheaper, however, seeing how rapidly the internet evolved, we can nearly be sure that e-business will too, and that brands out of the internet will just end up being left behind. We believe that stepping from a normal business to an e-business might be the most important and indispensable step of a brand nowadays.


Here are some of the reasons why we believe that e-business is the obvious future of brands, even the smallest one.

First of all, it will change forever the visibility of your brand. More and more people use the web to buy any kinds of products, and your site becomes the most important part of your marketing and communication strategy, available 24/7.

If your brand is present in a country, it will be extremely hard and costly to reach another one rapidly and effectively. However, the web knows no borders. Being present online allows to have a worldwide reach, as it already did for thousands of small companies that grew and developed a huge worldwide market, proving once more how beneficial e-business is. With new adapted methods that are proper to the web, it is now possible to reach targeted customers in your own town or on the other side of the world with just a few clicks and at a very smaller cost.

Finally, taking orders online allows to cut communication and telephone costs, replacing them by emails or live help chats that are already very popular and appreciated among customers. Ordering online also allows the customers be have day-to-day updates about their packages without having to contact the brand.

Every business is unique, this is why a personalized approach is necessary for each one of them. Here is an example of a successful online supermarket. It offers to its customers a wide range of products, from organic food to eco-friendly furniture.



Their website is very complete and adapted for everything a buyer might need: a good client service, secure payments, after-sell service, and even a registration online.

Their partnerships are done with all the brands of the products they sell and also have a very good presence on social networks and propose a lot of promotions online.

Here is the link to their website:

«Start a sea change »


created by the Ocean Conservancy



Environmental mobile app save the wolrd green app
It’s a free mobile app from Ocean Conservancy that helps you make simple, sustainable lifestyle choices. You get to customize a routine that fits your life, and you can opt to try it for a week or a month. Each tip is designed to conveniently help you transform your habits, save money and live a greener, healthier life.

You’re always forgetting your trash bag ? Ripple will remind you to grab it before you leave the house. Spending too much on a coffee ? It’ll let you know that bringing your own mug can get you a discount.

Downloading Rippl App is going to bring you free green living tips to help improve your day-to-day habits, track your progress and reach your goals, customize alerts to help you succeed based on your needs, schedule and habits, awareness about your surrounding environment, share your informations with your friends (function as a social network).

Rippl is a free mobile application that helps you make simple, sustainable choices by delivering weekly green living tips. Each tip comes with a customizable alert and is designed to conveniently help transform your habits, save you money and help you live a greener, healthier

Environmental mobile app save the wolrd green app

life by reducing your trash impact.

Regarding the mobile user experience, Rippl app complete what is expected from a useful and functional app meaning the tools and features used to complete customer’s goals but although about the content (pictures, text) it provides.


Web Analytics

 Understanding the impact of Web Analytics

Web analytics is a tool to analyze visitors behavior on your website. The goal of using this tool is to understand the behavior of your visitors and be able to adapt your site to their need. As well it can be useful to attract new visitors or to increase the income of the website.

Graphics web analytics example imagesWeb analytics is as well a process so it has many different functions; for example it can be used to obtain marketing campaigns oversights, categorize visitors and obtain individual analysis. This tool can be use as well to have an analysis of content areas and offerings.


There are million of tools offered on web analytics programs, depending of which one you chose you will have more advantages than in other. The most known one is Google analytics that gives you very accurate data about your visitors, their age their location etc. Google analytics presents the data in different ways such as graphics, maps and diagrams.


Normally all the web analytics pages are free for users, however when you want to have very accurate data or you want to plan a campaign there are some fees to pay.  Some pages asked a fee per month and there are some others than ask a year subscription. Depending on your need you will pay different cost. The average cost of using this pages is 30$ per month.


Why our phones rule their world

Tell me truthfully, what you did you do this morning when you woke up? The first thing you did. Let me guess. You checked your phone. Not only you checked it but you stared at it for at least 10 minutes according to Chinese studies published last month. Phones shaped the world we live in today and they are building our future. Can you imagine working, socializing and even just communicating without one ? If today’s communication’s companies all agree on the theory of “perfect adaptability on mobile”, every domain looking for long term customers and higher sale rates need to consider it too. This is why, as a communication expert and copywriter I will explain how this phenomenon as occurred and how one can optimize its experience in the area of mobility.



So phones rule the world of almost every company on the market. These days such statement is not a surprise, but why ? How did we end up in such a digitalized society ? The history of mobile phones is rich in events and fast growing technology trends so explaining each step of it would be too laborious for this kind of article. Still, it is necessary to focus on how people’s behaviors have shifted threw decades because of the mobile evolution. We often hear people over forty telling stories of what was their life before cellphones. How they used paper maps, would communicate threw letters or landline telephones and could meet someone at a precise place, set days in advance, without sending texts every second to ask where the other one is. It can sound surreal to some of the so-called millennials today but this is actual history.



To be concise, everything started with smartphones. A smartphone is simply a mobile phone that has an advanced mobile operating system (GPS, personnal assistant, etc..) and even if the first one was created in 1992 by IBM, its only in 2007 that Apple created the international wave with the famous iPhone. Ever since, our way of living has turned into a need of limitless accessibility to everything in the most simple and practical way possible. We want to get things easily, it’s the all-in-one concept; in my phone I have a map, a calendar, a camera, a mp3 player, a web browser and a communicating device. It’s the swiss knife. So if one has to create an app, this one will have to be good enough for me to waste some of my precious internal memory. Then obviously, even if the task looks complicated, it is necessary for a company seeking for a broader influence on the market to consider adapting its website to phones either with an app or a website made for mobile phones.  Also important, waste of time is the most dangerous threat entrepreneurs have to deal with today – customers will not stay more than 1 minutes on a app if it does not meet their expectations at the first try out.

If you want to create your own app, make sure to make it easy for the customer. Respect your brand image (logo, colors, fonts..) and create a logical link between the app and the website. Do not forget to offer only efficient tools, do not go too far because you feel the need to fulfill every need of the clientele. Focus on the core of your mission – why will they download your app ? What will make you different from your competitors in terms of efficiency, speed and understandability will be luxury that you can only afford with hard work and market analysis.

This is why Instagram works so well. It is the perfect mix of what people like (beautiful pictures), what is on the market and a simple, clever way to put together social networking and art. All that aside, it is also a smart app. It was the first one to offer quality filters but also easy sharing tunnel on social media such as Facebook – which is probably why the latter bought it.

Mobilility User Experience is a complicated name for a clear idea : the customers depends on mobile phone, the marker depends on customers so the market depends on mobile phone. Simple theory proven by the weight of the mobile market nowadays.

Our phones rule their world.

Mathilde’s opinion on Mobility UX

Mobile users and mobile usage are growing. Knowing that user are doing more on mobile, the purpose is on how to improve individual’s use of each elements in order to create the mobile user experience.


How would we define the mobile user experience ?

It encompasses the user’s perception and feelings before, during and after interacting with their mobile, either through an app or a browser. It has to be simple and understandable for everyone. The mobile user experience

includes  tools such as functionality, context, user input, content and marketing, among others. The relevance of these elements will change depending on the type of device used.

Every steps of the mobile user experience need to be taken in consideration such as functionality which has to do with tools and features that enable users to complete tasks and goals. For example, for a cosmetic brand like Yves Rocher, it includes supporting in-store shopping via easy access to product reviews on mobile devices. Another domain that shouldn’t be forgotten is content, various types of materials in different formats, such as text, images and videos, which provide information to the user. Always give the user control over multimedia content by not auto-starting video or sound, in order to allow the user to skip or stop multimedia content. Keeping all of this in mind, one should not forget the design phase which will shape the visual identity of the company.


Any company who wants to built a community and sell, need to have in mind those key point stated above in order to succeed. As an example, what people are expecting to found on a cosmetic app, is to access simply and quickly to what they want to purchase, for instance when a women is looking for a eye shadow, she will probably need help to find the best product that fit her expectations, so she would be grateful if she could get any virtual assistance on the app she’s looking at. If she has a nice souvenir of using the app, she will comeback on it and keep making profit for the company.


We’re living on the age of Internet , it’s important for the business world to understand the growing expansion of mobile and other devices users in order to met their expectations through app and website. The mobile user experience is still growing with continuing improvement in opportunities to arise.



Mathilde Ros

How Rachel sees Mobility UX

There are more than 1 billion existing websites online so making your own web page visible and useful for visitors has become a very hard task for companies.

If the visibility of your website is a key point to its success, it cannot develop itself without a proper analysis of mobility user experience.


What is Mobility User Experience (UX):

« User experience is the art of planning a product’s design so that interactions with the completed product will be as positive as possible. » Search CIO


The main aspect of Mobility User Experience is the idea of simplicity – the more easy and simple your website is, the more visitors you will have. The key is to bring a positive experience entirely made for the visitor, to help him discover all contents and services your website offers.


Why it is important?

All the interactions that the visitor will make on your website are important for your company ; its aim is to be very accessible and make it as efficient as possible. Nowadays there are billions of options for visitors therefore they do not stay too long on your website. The average time spend on a new website is 10 seconds, so if they don’t have a good first impression of the web page, they will leave. For example, if you are a company and you have created a website for E-commerce your goal will be sale. However if your purchase funnel is not clear and simple your customer will tend to leave.

A concrete example of a distinguishing website would be SNCF website. The french rail company has created a very good-looking website; first the visitor has to select a category (it can be either companies, SNCF employees or particulars); depending on their needs, they can easily find the services they’re are looking for on the side of the page; finally and, the most essential feature, purchase funnel is very well developed since there are only three steps to book your train ticket.

How can one make it simple?

Even if your content is very complex the most easy way to design a good and simple website is to organize and rank well all your content. Try to put the most important information on the top where people can easily find it. An other tip will be to illustrate your content with some images and good examples.



Regardless the topic of the website one has to state in mind the behavior of the visitor hence the Mobility User Experience. Web developers and companies may consider that their customers never have much time and they have a lot of other options online. For instance, if they want to ensure their’s website success visitors should be able to use the website without losing their time.

To summarize, when people talk about UX or Mobility User Experience the thing everyone should keep in mind is simplicity and efficiency.

Rachel Hane

How Pénélope sees Mobility UX

User experience has become an important part of enterprise mobility strategy



Nowadays, mobility is everywhere. We use smartphones and tablets for almost every task in our everyday lives: it goes from knowing the weather to reading a book, from learning how to cook a special meal to writing an article for our work. And, as it has become such an important part of our lives, enterprises must now learn how to be really efficient in terms of connected objects and interactives surfaces to interact with their users. It has become essential for them to offer easy-to-use platforms which reduce and facilitate the buying process. In order to do so, and to seduce a mobility user, companies need to develop the most attractive websites and applications.


The websites have to focus on the users needs and have to create special features that respond to these needs. The design must be good-looking and clear, so that the user can understand it in a few seconds. He must be able to find the informations he is looking for quickly, on an organized platform. It is actually this idea that companies must remember while creating mobile apps: they have to develop apps as accessible as websites on a computer, except that the user is, in our case, on a smartphone or a tablet. An essential aspect in mobility user experience is that the user can be everywhere in the world, doing everything. In order to become the most competitive enterprise, to enhanced their strategies, companies have now to think in term of optimized mobility user experience in their global strategy.


To illustrate how user experience is today essential to enterprise mobility strategy, you can simply think about a travel agency: to respond to users requests in travel organization, travel agencies have to develop apps with many features. It can go from a localisation feature to a list of the offers, from a guide to every destination to a purchase funnel. People want to find on the app all the features that can help organize their future trip, with the same ease that you have on the website.


The most important area to develop for companies, in order to succeed and grow, is to focus on their customers. As users had become more mobile than ever before, as they can travel all over the world in a simple click, they want today apps that can follow them everywhere and answer all of their needs. This is why, enterprise must focus their digital and global strategies on this main idea, user experience mobility.