Companies and E-Business

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« E-Business is all about speed, globalization, enhanced productivity, reaching new customers, and sharing knowledge across institutions for competitive advantage »

What is eBusiness ?

It’s using technology to improve your business processes. This includes managing internal processes such as human resources, financial and administration systems, as well as external processes such as sales and marketing, supply of goods and services, and customer relationships.

How companies use it ?

Nowadays, research shows that customers tend to purchase more online. We choose to analyse two main companies known for their use of E-Business : one is the premier E-Commerce company , the other is eBay. So based on the exemple of Amazon  and eBay (written below), we choose to imagine how «Green Companies » could include E-Business within their structure.

Since 1990, Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer, selling over forty categories of goods. As consumers learned to replace…

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