The Need to Evolve : Smartphones

E-commerce and Smartphones

Talking about phones and their use is common subject nowadays. Today I want to introduce you to a different perspective : the Mobility User Experience. In the last few years, the number of Internet users grew considerably and created a whole new market for companies: the Ecommerce. It is however since 2003, with the implementation of broadband services that cybercsutomers started to actually be confident with buying online. Now, every successful company in the world must have its website, and more and more are investing in deploying it for phones and tablets to make the customer experience more complete, easier and more adapted to his lifestyle.

With the evolution of this new commercial era, the consumers’ expectations changed. People now expect to be able to do anything from their mobile or tablet in the most comfortable and quickest way possible. Phones are even called the «extension of the hand », and companies understood that being only online is not enough anymore. For this reason, more and more companies are investing in multi-devices websites. It consists in having an adapted presence on every support with a visual coherence between each one, in order to make the consumer’s experience more enjoyable visually and accessible anywhere they wish. It is called the responsive design.

Ipad apple devices

Let’s take an easy example, why did Apple become so successful? Yes, because of its innovative products and its design, but one feature made the difference: every support is connected to one another through iCloud: the phone, laptop, computer, tablet and more gadgets… This is exactly what people were looking for and it is the same for brands’ websites, they need to be available on different supports, but keep the same identity and visuals: an app will usually not have the exact same features as the website but must keep the same visual identity. The user must recognize the brand image in every plateform he will use in order to assimilate it to his every day life.

Two choices come to a company when they want to go from a website to a phone or a tablet. They can either create an application, or an adapted website to phones and tablets. Those two possibilities have their own positive and negative points: an app is expensive and takes a long time to put into place due to the fact that it will be a whole new platform, and an adapted website might have a less big impact as people are more and more looking for apps that they can just open when they need. However, an adapted website allows to control better the user experience.

Why is having a responsive design important?

– It allows a nice customer experience (nice for the eyes, no bug, adapted size of images…)

– It boosts the brand image

– It allows to reach effectively a wider audience

All this will result in a potential increase in sales and brand value. Phones, tablets, laptops, computers.. One has the choice today when it comes to pick a digital companion. As usual companies have to go with the flow and learn to adapt themselves to people’s behaviors.



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