Make better products for a better world

Nike, one of the most recognized brand of the world has recently created an app, that is completely different to what we could have expected. Named « Making » and referring to the process of making clothes, this app has for vocation to help designers choose the materials they use depending on the materials ecological impact. This surprising move from the giant does not target the customers, even though we assume that they will be getting some publicity out of it.

The app only consists in the « Nike material sustainability index ». It is basically what you see on the picture, an index that takes into account recycling, the amount of water needed during the production and so on, and who’s goal is to educate designers by allowing them to make informed and real time decisions about the environmental impact of what they choose. The simplicity of the app makes it
easy to use, practical and very modern.


“Designers are the start of everything and if we can educate the designer to make better choices then they can become agents of change for the entire industry,” says Hannah Jones, vice-president of sustainable business and innovation at Nike.


Even though the app is still quite limited in its scope, it does show that Nike is trying to influence conscientiously the market, even though we cannot say that they are the most environmental friendly brand.



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