E-business, the future of small companies

In recent years, commerce on the Internet has grown considerably, and now, two options come to the businesses: stick to the old business model, or make the step and join the move of e-business. Keeping an old business model might seem a lot easier and cheaper, however, seeing how rapidly the internet evolved, we can nearly be sure that e-business will too, and that brands out of the internet will just end up being left behind. We believe that stepping from a normal business to an e-business might be the most important and indispensable step of a brand nowadays.


Here are some of the reasons why we believe that e-business is the obvious future of brands, even the smallest one.

First of all, it will change forever the visibility of your brand. More and more people use the web to buy any kinds of products, and your site becomes the most important part of your marketing and communication strategy, available 24/7.

If your brand is present in a country, it will be extremely hard and costly to reach another one rapidly and effectively. However, the web knows no borders. Being present online allows to have a worldwide reach, as it already did for thousands of small companies that grew and developed a huge worldwide market, proving once more how beneficial e-business is. With new adapted methods that are proper to the web, it is now possible to reach targeted customers in your own town or on the other side of the world with just a few clicks and at a very smaller cost.

Finally, taking orders online allows to cut communication and telephone costs, replacing them by emails or live help chats that are already very popular and appreciated among customers. Ordering online also allows the customers be have day-to-day updates about their packages without having to contact the brand.

Every business is unique, this is why a personalized approach is necessary for each one of them. Here is an example of a successful online supermarket. It offers to its customers a wide range of products, from organic food to eco-friendly furniture.



Their website is very complete and adapted for everything a buyer might need: a good client service, secure payments, after-sell service, and even a registration online.

Their partnerships are done with all the brands of the products they sell and also have a very good presence on social networks and propose a lot of promotions online.

Here is the link to their website:  http://www.greenweez.com

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