Analysis of the App Market – BlaBlaCar

Must-have in trip organization, BlaBlaCar app is now available for iOS and Androïd. You can find or post a ride even faster from your mobile phone!

On the app, BlaBlaCar has kept the idea of searching for a trip and booking online. You have a profil, in which you enter your personal informations. You can then offer a trip or search for a trip. You can also give your opinion on a particular driver, connect with your Facebook account, receive notifications, etc.

In term of Mobility User Experience, we have almost never seen as good as BlaBlaCar app: this app is clear and graphic, you can easily find what you are looking for. When you connect the app, you can choose between three categories: « Search for a trip – My trips – Offer a trip ». It is simple and clear for the user.

To search for a trip, you enter your departure and your destination cities, as well as your travel date and choose among drivers who offers trips that suit you. If you need any information on a journey, you can send a message to the driver.

You can book your place online and receive a booking code. You driver is alerted immediately of your reservation by email and SMS. You can then call the driver to adjust the final details of the trip in person.

In you are a driver, you offer your trip with the same informations (cities of departure and destination, date and hour, number of seats).

Graphic, clear and precise, BlaBlaCar has become a real must-have for every person who wants to organize easily her trips!


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