A successful e-business: MonPotager.com

As a digital-specialized agency, we think that nowadays, e-business is essential for every company which wants to thrive: online shopping has become a real alternative to physical stores. More and more, people want to save time, so they just browse items they want to buy or review. It is simpler and quicker than having to go in the store and look around. Today, shoppers can buy from anywhere, at anytime, as long as they have an Internet connection. We are in the digital era, people can search products from their computers, tablets and even their smartphones! This is why, for us, it seems essential to help you become as good and attractive as possible in term of e-business. By combining our skills, our mission is to make your business digitally competitive, and your clients satisfied and loyal! With the Human Hive, you will discover a new way of promoting the environment and your values, through the Internet.

As an example of a successful e-business, you can think about MonPotager.com. MonPotager launched its service at the end of 2013 in Lyon and Paris. Its customers, all city-dwellers, first create their virtual plot and choose several varieties to grow. Each is associated with a local producer, who actually plants the chosen fruits and vegetables. Users then receive photos and videos taken by MonPotager teams during the growth, as well as information provided by the producer. Finally, the producer divides the harvest between the number of users who have it in their plot. Users can choose between two options: have everything delivered or exchange their harvest against other fruits and vegetables!

The start-up currently has 1 500 active customers and plans to climb to 5 000 at the end of 2016.

The benefit for producers? They not only can raise their prices by 15%, but even sell before they got the products. For consumers, it is a way to buy French organic products, instead of imported ones, and they are involved in the life cycle of fruits and vegetables!

So why is MonPotager.com a successful e-business you ask?

Well, first you can obviously buy and sell your products on the platform: as a user, you can buy a certain variety of fruits or vegetables, which are high-quality and organic products, and directly have them delivered to your location! As a producer, you sell your harvests at a really good price, and make benefit! It’s a win-win! MonPotager also offers really good customer services, as every user can give its opinion online about the website, the producer, the food he chose, etc. It is really easy to find the information one is looking for, MonPotager counts on the transparency of its business, and of the fruits and vegetables journey, from the producer to the user.  Also, you can process payements directly on the website, and MonPotager is collaborating with business partners: Parrot, Group or Brun, Valette Foie Gras, Urbact Lyon, etc. Finally, MonPotager’s electronic business processes include running automated employee services, recruiting, and more!


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