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« E-Business is all about speed, globalization, enhanced productivity, reaching new customers, and sharing knowledge across institutions for competitive advantage »

What is eBusiness ?

It’s using technology to improve your business processes. This includes managing internal processes such as human resources, financial and administration systems, as well as external processes such as sales and marketing, supply of goods and services, and customer relationships.

How companies use it ?

Nowadays, research shows that customers tend to purchase more online. We choose to analyse two main companies known for their use of E-Business : one is the premier E-Commerce company , the other is eBay. So based on the exemple of Amazon  and eBay (written below), we choose to imagine how «Green Companies » could include E-Business within their structure.

Since 1990, Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer, selling over forty categories of goods. As consumers learned to replace…

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The Need to Evolve : Smartphones

E-commerce and Smartphones

Talking about phones and their use is common subject nowadays. Today I want to introduce you to a different perspective : the Mobility User Experience. In the last few years, the number of Internet users grew considerably and created a whole new market for companies: the Ecommerce. It is however since 2003, with the implementation of broadband services that cybercsutomers started to actually be confident with buying online. Now, every successful company in the world must have its website, and more and more are investing in deploying it for phones and tablets to make the customer experience more complete, easier and more adapted to his lifestyle.

With the evolution of this new commercial era, the consumers’ expectations changed. People now expect to be able to do anything from their mobile or tablet in the most comfortable and quickest way possible. Phones are even called the «extension of the hand », and companies understood that being only online is not enough anymore. For this reason, more and more companies are investing in multi-devices websites. It consists in having an adapted presence on every support with a visual coherence between each one, in order to make the consumer’s experience more enjoyable visually and accessible anywhere they wish. It is called the responsive design.

Ipad apple devices

Let’s take an easy example, why did Apple become so successful? Yes, because of its innovative products and its design, but one feature made the difference: every support is connected to one another through iCloud: the phone, laptop, computer, tablet and more gadgets… This is exactly what people were looking for and it is the same for brands’ websites, they need to be available on different supports, but keep the same identity and visuals: an app will usually not have the exact same features as the website but must keep the same visual identity. The user must recognize the brand image in every plateform he will use in order to assimilate it to his every day life.

Two choices come to a company when they want to go from a website to a phone or a tablet. They can either create an application, or an adapted website to phones and tablets. Those two possibilities have their own positive and negative points: an app is expensive and takes a long time to put into place due to the fact that it will be a whole new platform, and an adapted website might have a less big impact as people are more and more looking for apps that they can just open when they need. However, an adapted website allows to control better the user experience.

Why is having a responsive design important?

– It allows a nice customer experience (nice for the eyes, no bug, adapted size of images…)

– It boosts the brand image

– It allows to reach effectively a wider audience

All this will result in a potential increase in sales and brand value. Phones, tablets, laptops, computers.. One has the choice today when it comes to pick a digital companion. As usual companies have to go with the flow and learn to adapt themselves to people’s behaviors.


Make better products for a better world

Nike, one of the most recognized brand of the world has recently created an app, that is completely different to what we could have expected. Named « Making » and referring to the process of making clothes, this app has for vocation to help designers choose the materials they use depending on the materials ecological impact. This surprising move from the giant does not target the customers, even though we assume that they will be getting some publicity out of it.

The app only consists in the « Nike material sustainability index ». It is basically what you see on the picture, an index that takes into account recycling, the amount of water needed during the production and so on, and who’s goal is to educate designers by allowing them to make informed and real time decisions about the environmental impact of what they choose. The simplicity of the app makes it
easy to use, practical and very modern.


“Designers are the start of everything and if we can educate the designer to make better choices then they can become agents of change for the entire industry,” says Hannah Jones, vice-president of sustainable business and innovation at Nike.


Even though the app is still quite limited in its scope, it does show that Nike is trying to influence conscientiously the market, even though we cannot say that they are the most environmental friendly brand.


Analysis of the App Market – BlaBlaCar

Must-have in trip organization, BlaBlaCar app is now available for iOS and Androïd. You can find or post a ride even faster from your mobile phone!

On the app, BlaBlaCar has kept the idea of searching for a trip and booking online. You have a profil, in which you enter your personal informations. You can then offer a trip or search for a trip. You can also give your opinion on a particular driver, connect with your Facebook account, receive notifications, etc.

In term of Mobility User Experience, we have almost never seen as good as BlaBlaCar app: this app is clear and graphic, you can easily find what you are looking for. When you connect the app, you can choose between three categories: « Search for a trip – My trips – Offer a trip ». It is simple and clear for the user.

To search for a trip, you enter your departure and your destination cities, as well as your travel date and choose among drivers who offers trips that suit you. If you need any information on a journey, you can send a message to the driver.

You can book your place online and receive a booking code. You driver is alerted immediately of your reservation by email and SMS. You can then call the driver to adjust the final details of the trip in person.

In you are a driver, you offer your trip with the same informations (cities of departure and destination, date and hour, number of seats).

Graphic, clear and precise, BlaBlaCar has become a real must-have for every person who wants to organize easily her trips!

E-business, the future of small companies

In recent years, commerce on the Internet has grown considerably, and now, two options come to the businesses: stick to the old business model, or make the step and join the move of e-business. Keeping an old business model might seem a lot easier and cheaper, however, seeing how rapidly the internet evolved, we can nearly be sure that e-business will too, and that brands out of the internet will just end up being left behind. We believe that stepping from a normal business to an e-business might be the most important and indispensable step of a brand nowadays.


Here are some of the reasons why we believe that e-business is the obvious future of brands, even the smallest one.

First of all, it will change forever the visibility of your brand. More and more people use the web to buy any kinds of products, and your site becomes the most important part of your marketing and communication strategy, available 24/7.

If your brand is present in a country, it will be extremely hard and costly to reach another one rapidly and effectively. However, the web knows no borders. Being present online allows to have a worldwide reach, as it already did for thousands of small companies that grew and developed a huge worldwide market, proving once more how beneficial e-business is. With new adapted methods that are proper to the web, it is now possible to reach targeted customers in your own town or on the other side of the world with just a few clicks and at a very smaller cost.

Finally, taking orders online allows to cut communication and telephone costs, replacing them by emails or live help chats that are already very popular and appreciated among customers. Ordering online also allows the customers be have day-to-day updates about their packages without having to contact the brand.

Every business is unique, this is why a personalized approach is necessary for each one of them. Here is an example of a successful online supermarket. It offers to its customers a wide range of products, from organic food to eco-friendly furniture.



Their website is very complete and adapted for everything a buyer might need: a good client service, secure payments, after-sell service, and even a registration online.

Their partnerships are done with all the brands of the products they sell and also have a very good presence on social networks and propose a lot of promotions online.

Here is the link to their website:

A successful e-business:

As a digital-specialized agency, we think that nowadays, e-business is essential for every company which wants to thrive: online shopping has become a real alternative to physical stores. More and more, people want to save time, so they just browse items they want to buy or review. It is simpler and quicker than having to go in the store and look around. Today, shoppers can buy from anywhere, at anytime, as long as they have an Internet connection. We are in the digital era, people can search products from their computers, tablets and even their smartphones! This is why, for us, it seems essential to help you become as good and attractive as possible in term of e-business. By combining our skills, our mission is to make your business digitally competitive, and your clients satisfied and loyal! With the Human Hive, you will discover a new way of promoting the environment and your values, through the Internet.

As an example of a successful e-business, you can think about MonPotager launched its service at the end of 2013 in Lyon and Paris. Its customers, all city-dwellers, first create their virtual plot and choose several varieties to grow. Each is associated with a local producer, who actually plants the chosen fruits and vegetables. Users then receive photos and videos taken by MonPotager teams during the growth, as well as information provided by the producer. Finally, the producer divides the harvest between the number of users who have it in their plot. Users can choose between two options: have everything delivered or exchange their harvest against other fruits and vegetables!

The start-up currently has 1 500 active customers and plans to climb to 5 000 at the end of 2016.

The benefit for producers? They not only can raise their prices by 15%, but even sell before they got the products. For consumers, it is a way to buy French organic products, instead of imported ones, and they are involved in the life cycle of fruits and vegetables!

So why is a successful e-business you ask?

Well, first you can obviously buy and sell your products on the platform: as a user, you can buy a certain variety of fruits or vegetables, which are high-quality and organic products, and directly have them delivered to your location! As a producer, you sell your harvests at a really good price, and make benefit! It’s a win-win! MonPotager also offers really good customer services, as every user can give its opinion online about the website, the producer, the food he chose, etc. It is really easy to find the information one is looking for, MonPotager counts on the transparency of its business, and of the fruits and vegetables journey, from the producer to the user.  Also, you can process payements directly on the website, and MonPotager is collaborating with business partners: Parrot, Group or Brun, Valette Foie Gras, Urbact Lyon, etc. Finally, MonPotager’s electronic business processes include running automated employee services, recruiting, and more!

Companies and E-Business

« E-Business is all about speed, globalization, enhanced productivity, reaching new customers, and sharing knowledge across institutions for competitive advantage »

What is eBusiness ?

It’s using technology to improve your business processes. This includes managing internal processes such as human resources, financial and administration systems, as well as external processes such as sales and marketing, supply of goods and services, and customer relationships.

How companies use it ?

Nowadays, research shows that customers tend to purchase more online. We choose to analyse two main companies known for their use of E-Business : one is the premier E-Commerce company , the other is eBay. So based on the exemple of Amazon  and eBay (written below), we choose to imagine how «Green Companies » could include E-Business within their structure.

Since 1990, Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer, selling over forty categories of goods. As consumers learned to replace physical distance with mouse clicks, Amazon created an E-Commerce and Internet technology (E-Business) platform that generates massive profit. . It has experienced great success.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos decide to develop the E-Business model with both product information and attractive design using highly professional photography and layouts that offers a user-friendly experience. He also displayed customer testimonials to give prospective buyers feedback on their items. In fact, it’s a powerful argument for customers wishing to purchase and help them making the right choice. It’s important that this product page conveys the benefits and features of the product.

eBay is an online auction and shopping website in which individuals and businesses buy and sell a broad variety of goods and services created in 1995. It’s the world largest online marketplace. It position itself as an environmentally-friendly company, largely because it sells used products.

It’s aim is to connect willing buyers and sellers and make transactions possible using either a traditional price-setting structure or an auction type format. eBay’s business model not only generates revenue from the transactions between buyers and sellers, but also from payments through its third party payment system, PayPal.


Following Amazon and Ebay’s strategy, we set up 5 E-business key points to apply to « Green Companies » :

1. Let your customer help keep your website fresh : meaning allowing your customers to write their review and comments for exemple will help them having a second opinion about the product they’re going to purchase. It has a much bigger, behind-the-scenes benefit: It’s one of the most powerful methods of ensuring your website has a steady flow of fresh, unique, keyword content.

2. Win a long-tail key phrases : they bring in targeted traffic to your website, thereby boosting your conversion rates. It will also help your website appear in searches more general terms as your website gains more traffic and authority.

3. Make it easy to find things : keeping a website’s navigation simple is the single biggest thing you can do to make sure customers return. For exemple the « navigation bar » covers all of the categories and subcategories you’d need to find just about any product.

4. Personalize the experience in order to gain shoppers loyalty. It’s important to give the opportunity to the customer to personalize its product, give him suggestions based on previous orders and searches.

5. Anticipate customer’s questions : even if you have a customer service support via telephone, customer should be able to easily find the answer to the most common question of your website. Exemple the order and shipping confirmation email helps consumers trust in your company because it instill confidence.

To conclude, Amazon and eBay and Green companies are going to use E-business model differently regarding their mission statement. Amazon has some exclusive traits like its logistics and inventory capabilities whereas eBay is unique in its auction style retail offerings while the « Green Companies » are going to axe their mission towards customers awareness and visibility of their brand.


«Start a sea change »


created by the Ocean Conservancy



Environmental mobile app save the wolrd green app
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You’re always forgetting your trash bag ? Ripple will remind you to grab it before you leave the house. Spending too much on a coffee ? It’ll let you know that bringing your own mug can get you a discount.

Downloading Rippl App is going to bring you free green living tips to help improve your day-to-day habits, track your progress and reach your goals, customize alerts to help you succeed based on your needs, schedule and habits, awareness about your surrounding environment, share your informations with your friends (function as a social network).

Rippl is a free mobile application that helps you make simple, sustainable choices by delivering weekly green living tips. Each tip comes with a customizable alert and is designed to conveniently help transform your habits, save you money and help you live a greener, healthier

Environmental mobile app save the wolrd green app

life by reducing your trash impact.

Regarding the mobile user experience, Rippl app complete what is expected from a useful and functional app meaning the tools and features used to complete customer’s goals but although about the content (pictures, text) it provides.


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