Web Analytics

 Understanding the impact of Web Analytics

Web analytics is a tool to analyze visitors behavior on your website. The goal of using this tool is to understand the behavior of your visitors and be able to adapt your site to their need. As well it can be useful to attract new visitors or to increase the income of the website.

Graphics web analytics example imagesWeb analytics is as well a process so it has many different functions; for example it can be used to obtain marketing campaigns oversights, categorize visitors and obtain individual analysis. This tool can be use as well to have an analysis of content areas and offerings.


There are million of tools offered on web analytics programs, depending of which one you chose you will have more advantages than in other. The most known one is Google analytics that gives you very accurate data about your visitors, their age their location etc. Google analytics presents the data in different ways such as graphics, maps and diagrams.


Normally all the web analytics pages are free for users, however when you want to have very accurate data or you want to plan a campaign there are some fees to pay.  Some pages asked a fee per month and there are some others than ask a year subscription. Depending on your need you will pay different cost. The average cost of using this pages is 30$ per month.



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