Mathilde’s opinion on Mobility UX

Mobile users and mobile usage are growing. Knowing that user are doing more on mobile, the purpose is on how to improve individual’s use of each elements in order to create the mobile user experience.


How would we define the mobile user experience ?

It encompasses the user’s perception and feelings before, during and after interacting with their mobile, either through an app or a browser. It has to be simple and understandable for everyone. The mobile user experience

includes  tools such as functionality, context, user input, content and marketing, among others. The relevance of these elements will change depending on the type of device used.

Every steps of the mobile user experience need to be taken in consideration such as functionality which has to do with tools and features that enable users to complete tasks and goals. For example, for a cosmetic brand like Yves Rocher, it includes supporting in-store shopping via easy access to product reviews on mobile devices. Another domain that shouldn’t be forgotten is content, various types of materials in different formats, such as text, images and videos, which provide information to the user. Always give the user control over multimedia content by not auto-starting video or sound, in order to allow the user to skip or stop multimedia content. Keeping all of this in mind, one should not forget the design phase which will shape the visual identity of the company.


Any company who wants to built a community and sell, need to have in mind those key point stated above in order to succeed. As an example, what people are expecting to found on a cosmetic app, is to access simply and quickly to what they want to purchase, for instance when a women is looking for a eye shadow, she will probably need help to find the best product that fit her expectations, so she would be grateful if she could get any virtual assistance on the app she’s looking at. If she has a nice souvenir of using the app, she will comeback on it and keep making profit for the company.


We’re living on the age of Internet , it’s important for the business world to understand the growing expansion of mobile and other devices users in order to met their expectations through app and website. The mobile user experience is still growing with continuing improvement in opportunities to arise.



Mathilde Ros


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