How Rachel sees Mobility UX

There are more than 1 billion existing websites online so making your own web page visible and useful for visitors has become a very hard task for companies.

If the visibility of your website is a key point to its success, it cannot develop itself without a proper analysis of mobility user experience.


What is Mobility User Experience (UX):

« User experience is the art of planning a product’s design so that interactions with the completed product will be as positive as possible. » Search CIO


The main aspect of Mobility User Experience is the idea of simplicity – the more easy and simple your website is, the more visitors you will have. The key is to bring a positive experience entirely made for the visitor, to help him discover all contents and services your website offers.


Why it is important?

All the interactions that the visitor will make on your website are important for your company ; its aim is to be very accessible and make it as efficient as possible. Nowadays there are billions of options for visitors therefore they do not stay too long on your website. The average time spend on a new website is 10 seconds, so if they don’t have a good first impression of the web page, they will leave. For example, if you are a company and you have created a website for E-commerce your goal will be sale. However if your purchase funnel is not clear and simple your customer will tend to leave.

A concrete example of a distinguishing website would be SNCF website. The french rail company has created a very good-looking website; first the visitor has to select a category (it can be either companies, SNCF employees or particulars); depending on their needs, they can easily find the services they’re are looking for on the side of the page; finally and, the most essential feature, purchase funnel is very well developed since there are only three steps to book your train ticket.

How can one make it simple?

Even if your content is very complex the most easy way to design a good and simple website is to organize and rank well all your content. Try to put the most important information on the top where people can easily find it. An other tip will be to illustrate your content with some images and good examples.



Regardless the topic of the website one has to state in mind the behavior of the visitor hence the Mobility User Experience. Web developers and companies may consider that their customers never have much time and they have a lot of other options online. For instance, if they want to ensure their’s website success visitors should be able to use the website without losing their time.

To summarize, when people talk about UX or Mobility User Experience the thing everyone should keep in mind is simplicity and efficiency.

Rachel Hane


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