How Pénélope sees Mobility UX

User experience has become an important part of enterprise mobility strategy



Nowadays, mobility is everywhere. We use smartphones and tablets for almost every task in our everyday lives: it goes from knowing the weather to reading a book, from learning how to cook a special meal to writing an article for our work. And, as it has become such an important part of our lives, enterprises must now learn how to be really efficient in terms of connected objects and interactives surfaces to interact with their users. It has become essential for them to offer easy-to-use platforms which reduce and facilitate the buying process. In order to do so, and to seduce a mobility user, companies need to develop the most attractive websites and applications.


The websites have to focus on the users needs and have to create special features that respond to these needs. The design must be good-looking and clear, so that the user can understand it in a few seconds. He must be able to find the informations he is looking for quickly, on an organized platform. It is actually this idea that companies must remember while creating mobile apps: they have to develop apps as accessible as websites on a computer, except that the user is, in our case, on a smartphone or a tablet. An essential aspect in mobility user experience is that the user can be everywhere in the world, doing everything. In order to become the most competitive enterprise, to enhanced their strategies, companies have now to think in term of optimized mobility user experience in their global strategy.


To illustrate how user experience is today essential to enterprise mobility strategy, you can simply think about a travel agency: to respond to users requests in travel organization, travel agencies have to develop apps with many features. It can go from a localisation feature to a list of the offers, from a guide to every destination to a purchase funnel. People want to find on the app all the features that can help organize their future trip, with the same ease that you have on the website.


The most important area to develop for companies, in order to succeed and grow, is to focus on their customers. As users had become more mobile than ever before, as they can travel all over the world in a simple click, they want today apps that can follow them everywhere and answer all of their needs. This is why, enterprise must focus their digital and global strategies on this main idea, user experience mobility.


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