Welcome to the hive

Dear fellow citizen of the world,

The Human Hive welcomes you to a website of digital analysis and communication expertise focused on environmental and humanitarian subjects.

12674887_10209018760290836_1753944037_o    The Human Hive is a communication agency specialized in digital mobile advertising. Our company has been launched two years ago by five young professionals seeking to spread a wave of eco-responsibility in the digital world.

    We aim to offer our clients a new way into the world’s economy by using a communication system based on digital expertise. All our clients aim to have a strong impact on the environment and its future. Throughout our projects with these several clients we have built a recognition in the field of communication that is allowing us today to seek for more particular goals in the future.

      Those goals are simple. At Human Hive, we have determination and focus when it comes to our planet and these days we feel that we have the opportunity to make a bigger impact thanks to our expertise in the digital field. We expect to use these developed skills of ours to enhance the beauty of our planet and the urgency that hides in the changes occurring on its surface.

    To reach our goals we make communication theories, digital innovation and the power of speech come together. To do so we created a team of experts from several fields who, by working together, can bring revolution to the so far small world of “environmental communication”.

   So now comes the question of defining what “environmental communication” is. The introduction to the subject is simple : it is a mode of communication that groups and individuals use to raise awareness on matters linked to the “health” of our society or the environmental situation. This mode of communication often seeks for efficient and radical ways to send a message to a whole community. To be more clear, a lot of brands that creates content on environmental or humanitarian subjects tend to develop quite shocking or straight-forward advertising campaigns to get the audience’s attention, as, for example, organizations such as Amnesty International or WWF.